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I am Nicole Polley, I am the principal and property manager at Polleys realty, a company I have put my all in too. I started the business because I was tired of seeing how things were done, clients and staff were mistreated and enough was enough. 


I have the knowledge and passion to get the job done and bloody well too if I do say so myself. Luckily my clients think so too. I have years of experience and a drive to ensure investors property are looked after to the highest of standards. I achieve this by ensuring everyone feels valued and serviced as without investors I would not have my business and without tenants I would have vacant properties and would not have investors for long. 


I was taught by an amazing woman who was also a property management background principal so in my agency I carry out the skills she has taught me and the ones I have developed myself. I do not see property management as a side business or second to sales I see the both as equal. 


Get in touch today with me today to find out why Polley's Realty is changing the game and bringing a fresh look to Real Estate in the area. 

Nicole Polley



​0450 578 811

Jimboomba Woods

Jimboomba, Queensland

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